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Nostalgic for last week’ ❤️💜 birthday post, but here’s this week note of encouragement from Ninomi!

Cr: jweb

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I’m an Arashi maniac. Perhaps my condition is even worse than everyone else. Cause I really love Arashi a lot

- Ninomiya Kazunari (via nihonarashi)

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"Being in Arashi is the same as "living"."-Aiba Masaki

/14 days to go before 5x15

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A guy who played the hero in a kid friendly show asking Sho for advice on how to confess to the female hero in the same show.


Take one:

Clearly everyone was less than Impressed, so onto

Take 2!:

ohmiya is losing it. XD:

even the art staff are disappointed

On to take 3!

the end!<3

(I’m still experimenting making GIFs)

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Yoko: You know what will happen if you don’t win right? This show will become “Kanjani ni Shiyagare”.

Sho: You say that on every program!

Yoko: If we can’t have this, at the very least I’ll take ‘Nino-san’ and make it ‘Yoko-san’.

Nino: What do you mean, ‘at the very least’?!?!

*usual havoc ensues*


AnS, 24-Hour TV 2014 Edition

This happens nearly as many times as Oh-chan’s ‘thanks for always giving birth to me’. Lol.

(via zero-monday-arashi)
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Precious Ohmiya moment ♥ - Jouhoutsuu 2004.08.19

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2014.09.01 AD - Close strangers, distant relatives.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"A close stranger over a distant relative."


That’s kind of a good quote. This is a proverb meaning that when it comes to the crunch time, it’s not the relatives who live far away from you…

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Ninomiya Kazunari - Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 (2009)

↳ Arashi at National Stadium 2008-2013 Photobook